MOKK is a dance project focusing on performances in non-theatrical spaces,
which is operated by a creative team consisting of a choreographer, Sumire Muramoto, and the technical staff.

Their activity started in 2002, at Nihon University College of Art,
and shifted into higher gear in 2007 with their peace g---friegh.
They perform activities on the concept, gDispatch from various spaces that is not always kept in theater systemh,
collaborating with creators and dancers.

In addition, as experimental plans, MOKK LABOfs pursuing the possibility of the physical expression,
performing in unusual space like a parking lot, ruined building, small container etc.
They produce pictures and film works as well.


Sumire Muramoto [Direction ,Choreography,Producer]

Manaho Kaneko
Akina Kinukawa
Akane Murata

Gojiro Ohata [Stage manager]
Yuichi Kageyama [Light design]
Sayuri Kato [Sound design]
Yoko Kamikuri [Production manager,Producer]
Gabon Shibata [Production assistant]