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FILM2012 MOKK -solo- Humming
2012 MOKK -solo- Humming

2012 MOKK -solo- "Humming"

2010 2012 MOKK -solo- Humming

space EDGE

Though trying to link with someone, it is not easy to with many,
Though hoping to dance with no reins, it failed in any way here.

Facing a person, sharing and linking, at any places
Praying for “uni” and “verse” to be “the universe”, like a ring connected to each pieces.

【Direct/Choreograph】Sumire Muramoto

【Cast】Yuriko Suzuki/Yuko Hata/Ryo Ikeda

【Music】Yoshitaka Fujimoto(ar)
【Lighting】Yuichi Kageyama
【Stage Manager】Satoshi Ito
【Attendant】Sayuri Kato
【Production Manager】Nozomi Sugaya
【Record film/photo】Sho Ohashi
【Advertising art】ennakonoma
【Plan Production】MOKK